Spandex Yarn

Spandex Yarn is a kind of polyurethane elastic fiber with excellent properties, which is an ideal textile raw material with high added value. we has a complete range of products, strong stable supply capacity, to meet customer customized needs, to achieve fast and professional services. Our products are characterized by stability, uniformity, high performance and differentiation. They are widely used in high-end underwear, swimwear, socks, jeans, leisure sportswear, ribbons, medical bandages and diapers, leading the trend of leisure, sports and fashion life.

High elasticity, elongation up to 6~7 times, rapid and stable stretch recovery.


Main end products: tights, sportswear, swimsuits and so on.


Air Covered yarn: elastic yarn formed by wrapping the elastic filament (polyester or nylon) on the surface of the spandex filament through the network nozzle under the action of compressed air at a certain pressure, with the stretched spandex filament as the core.


Main end products: socks, weft knitted underwear, leg elastic belt and so on.

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